HP Photosmart B8550 Printer Drivers Download and Review

HP Photosmart B8550 Printer Drivers Download and Review - The B8550 is actually focused on a various kind of customer in comparison to the B9180 and B8850 are. Both from those laser printers are made for major amateur photographers or even professionals-- as suggested by word "Pro" in their titles. The B8550 is so much more of a premium consumer printer.

Rather than pigment-based inks for images, which each of HP's much more expensive versions hire, the B8550 makes use of dye-based inks along with briefer lifetimes (100 years responsible for pane, for instance, compared with 200 years for the inks in each Photosmart Pro laser printers). And instead of being actually manufactureded to print on an array from fine art documents, that's generally restricted to using HP's Advanced picture report. Within those limitations, nonetheless, it prints lovely result unconfined dimension.
HP Photosmart B8550 image
HP Photosmart B8550

HP Photosmart B8550 Printer Drivers Download and Review

The B8550 additionally consists of some consumer-oriented functions that you won't discover in either of the Photosmart Pro laser printers-- particularly, the capability to publish directly compared to a USB element, sd card, or even PictBridge cam, plus a LCD to let you sneak peek images before publishing. Most specialist as well as prosumer photographers will never make use of these components, given that publishing off a computer offers additional command over the image.

Still an additional variation is actually that though there's little bit of reason to obtain the B8550 unless you intend to utilize this for photos, you can utilize that as a basic residence ink-jet printer likewise, something you would not fairly do with either of the Photosmart Pro color printers.

The B8550's major newspaper mold could hold 40 pieces of photograph paper or even 125 sheets of plain newspaper, which is actually a reasonable capacity for a property printer. In addition, a distinct picture rack could stand up to 20 slabs of picture paper, although it's confined to a the greatest newspaper measurements of 5 according to 7 ins. The 2 racks give you the possibility of making use of the B8550 as a common color printer many of the amount of time, while always keeping 4-by-6 or even 5-by-7 photograph newspaper loaded whatsoever times to let you imprint small-format images without must change paper. For occasional printing of larger photos, you may then switch out ordinary paper for photo newspaper in the main tray.

HP Photosmart B8550 Printer Drivers and Review - Putting together the B8550 is actually easy. This is actually a little bit of bigger than many inkjets, at 7.1 according to 22.8 according to 15.3 ins (HWD), however this analyzes simply 16.7 pounds. Merely locate a place for that, eliminate the packaging components, link the power cord, as well as break in the five ink containers (that include both a matte dark and a photograph black). At that point operate the computerized installation weight loss program as well as link through USB wire when the system informs you to. I evaluated the laser printer with Windows XP, yet this additionally features drivers for Vista as well as Macintosh Operating System 10.4 as well as later.

As a general rule, speed is less important than result high quality for a photograph laser printer, however it's surely worth acknowledgment that the B8550 is just one of the a lot faster tabloid-size inkjets I've evaluated. The overall time on our business uses suite (timed with QualityLogic's hardware and software, www.qualitylogic.com) was THIRTEEN minutes 32 seconds. By comparison, the B9180 as well as the B8850 both got 15:30. The B8550 also racked up well on our picture suite, averaging 1:33 for every 4-by-6 as well as 2:31 for each and every 8-by-10-- faster than either the B8850 or B9180.

Time the speed of a lot of high-end photograph color printers for 13-by19-inch outcome is actually problematical. Normally, you must pack each webpage personally, makings the amount of times unreliable if you include the amount of time for loading the newspaper, or even misinforming if you leave that out. Given that the B8550 is restricted to typical photo documents, nonetheless, it can easily supply the report compared to the primary mold, which makes the moments purposeful. On my tests, the times for supertabloid pictures varied compared to 5:43 to 6:55 per photograph.

HP Photosmart B8550 Free Printer Drivers Download and Review - As I have actually presently suggested, the photo top quality is actually wonderful. Nearly all from the photographes I imprinted were much better in comparison to you 'd expect from pictures compared to your neighborhood pharmacy. The one exception was actually a monochrome picture, which presented light pigmentations, with various colour pigmentations at various tones of grey.

Visuals quality was actually quite in the exact same organization. I viewed some obvious dithering in the form of light graininess on some result, however nothing at all I 'd considered unacceptable. Colours were attractive and fully saturated, as well as the printer also performed an excellent work with slim collections, which most color printers have troubles along with.

Text outcome-- certainly not this laser printer's principal function-- on evident paper was at the reduced end from just what I anticipate to find from an inkjet. Over half of the font styles in our content tests qualified as quickly legible at 8 points. Fewer than half qualified as well formed at 8 factors, as a result of a personality spacing issue. Howevered, despite the fact that drops a little except just what you would certainly desire for fully expert high quality outcome, this is actually quickly acceptable for schoolwork and a lot of business use.

The pretty reduced text premium could seem to be to have a little from the sparkle off from the B8550, but consider that this is actually created as a near-dedicated picture laser printer. It also puts in along with nonpayment driver settings for imprinting images on photograph newspaper. In that context, having the capacity to work as a typical printer, and also undoubtedly print text message papers at all, is actually a benefit. The simple truth is that the combo of photo premium quality, velocity, as well as large-format printing makes the B8550 an exceptional photograph laser printer for the price.

HP Photosmart B8550 Printer Drivers Download and Review

  • HP Photosmart B8550 Win 8/8.1/10 Driver – Download (119MB)
  • HP Photosmart B8550 Win 7/XP/Vista Driver – Download (227MB)
  • HP Photosmart B8550 Mac 10.6 or later Driver – Download (139.4MB)
  • HP Photosmart B8550 Mac 10.5/10.4 Driver – Download (105.4MB)

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